Monthly Archives: October 2015

Have You Winterized Your Windows and Doors?

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful day today, winter is coming and your chance to avoid sky-high heating bills due to another freezing Maryland weather is running out.  Winterizing your home’s windows and doors is one of the top ways to ensure your heat isn’t escaping to the outside.  In this post we’ll go over how you can winterize the windows and doors in your home.

Should I Choose Double Pane Windows or Triple Pane Windows?

When deciding between the different glass options for your replacement windows it’s important to consider the pros and cons for triple-pane windows and double-pane windows.  The decision between glass types should be based on your preference of sound transmission, performance, and how much you’re willing to spend.  This post will focus on the pros and cons for each factor.

Why You Shouldn’t Install Replacement Windows Yourself

Many homeowners may feel more comfortable doing there own home improvement work, maybe it’s to feel a sense of accomplishment or because they feel it’s a better deal than hiring a contractor to do the work.  However, it’s very important to understand the possible pitfalls of doing the work yourself.  Today we’re going to go over why you should hire a professional to install windows.