Backyard Ideas: Creating Tranquil Outdoor Living Spaces

With the sun heating up and Memorial Day right around the corner, it might be the perfect moment to start using your outdoor oasis! Here are some inspiring backyard ideas to help with creating tranquil outdoor living spaces that utilize your deck, sunroom or patio for the perfect summer event. Whether it’s a party, dinner or back yard BBQ in the coming summer months you can always add some personality and practicality to your outdoor sanctuary.

Take a Seat!

Lot’s of chairs, benches or couches invite people to take a seat and stay while, just make sure it’s not too much to clutter your space.














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Hot Spots

A cozy fire will always do the trick for creating the perfect outdoor space. If you can’t afford an actual fireplace for your outdoor area you can always build a DIY fire pit that brings the cozy atmosphere of a fire source without the heavy price tag. Make sure to execute building anything DIY safely!



















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Consider water features or sculptures to boost the dynamic of your space. Visual appeal helps communicate an elegant living area.














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Install hooks, shelves and other organizational tools that look nice but increase the productivity of your space. Form and function CAN work together!



















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Position and presentation of your space is everything! No matter the size, you can make any area warm and welcoming with proper furniture arrangement. Use rugs to break up a large area with texture or place furniture in corners for smaller areas.














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Don’t Be Boring!

Utilize wall space by making it your own. Cover them with artwork that expresses your taste or make the best of plants and flowers on a wall trellis. Incorporating old and distressed letters to dress up large areas will work too.
















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Celebrating Home Improvement

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