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4 Signs It’s Time For a New Roof

Sorry folks, Labor Day has passed and summer has officially come to an end. Fall is approaching which means colder temperatures and lets cross our fingers now that we don’t face another blizzard this winter. But in case we do, how many of you can say you trust your roof to make it through another unpredictable winter? If you’re unsure this post can serve as a basis to help you figure out if you need to make some changes to your roofing situation. 1. Father Time Has Come Knocking Many things get better with age; unfortunately, your roof is not one of them. A general rule of thumb is roof… Read more »

Spring Window, Door, and Roofing Tips For Your Home

After a long, dark, snowy winter, it is inevitable that everyone is ready for spring’s bright sun and warm breezes.  Even though spring can easily be compared to a breath of fresh air, the only downside is that certain areas of your home may need maintenance.  There is potential that there is an increased possibility that certain areas of your home could have been damaged due to the harsh conditions of the winter months.  In addition, the bright sunshine of the spring and upcoming summer months could negatively impact any preexisting damage of certain areas of your home. Thoroughly Examine The Shingles On Your Roof When examining your home for… Read more »

2016 Window and Door Federal Tax Credit

window and door tax credit

There is good news for homeowners who are in need for new windows and doors this year and for those who’ve purchased windows or doors in 2015. You may be eligible for the Federal Window and Door Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency. The tax credits are in place to help provide homeowners a cost-effective way to purchase new windows and doors for their home. Also, to help them save energy, improve comfort, and protect the environment.   What Are the Window and Door Requirements? The installation requirements to qualify for the ENERGY STAR window and door tax credit are relatively simple! The installation must be done at your primary residence… Read more »

What Your Entry Door Says About Your Home

Although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, we often find ourselves doing so.  What we wear and how we present ourselves gives a message to society and a reflection of our individuality.  With that being said, our homes and entry door are reflections of ourselves too.  Not to mention how this direct reflection also contributes to the style of our neighborhood! An entry door can convey many messages to passerby’s, neighbors, potential home buyers in the neighborhood, and the overall value of your home’s curb appeal.  As a homeowner, you deserve better than a boring front door!  Is your front door bland, unappealing, and not… Read more »

Have You Winterized Your Windows and Doors?

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful day today, winter is coming and your chance to avoid sky-high heating bills due to another freezing Maryland weather is running out.  Winterizing your home’s windows and doors is one of the top ways to ensure your heat isn’t escaping to the outside.  In this post we’ll go over how you can winterize the windows and doors in your home.