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What Your Entry Door Says About Your Home

Although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, we often find ourselves doing so.  What we wear and how we present ourselves gives a message to society and a reflection of our individuality.  With that being said, our homes and entry door are reflections of ourselves too.  Not to mention how this direct reflection also contributes to the style of our neighborhood! An entry door can convey many messages to passerby’s, neighbors, potential home buyers in the neighborhood, and the overall value of your home’s curb appeal.  As a homeowner, you deserve better than a boring front door!  Is your front door bland, unappealing, and not… Read more »

Kohler Home Generators Protect Against Mother Nature’s Mood Swings


Who Knows When The Next Big Storm Will Hit. Are You Ready? Remember the derecho? The storm that left more than 2 million people on the east coast without power in late June of 2012? We do. Hundreds of thousands of Maryland residents were left without power…some for more than a week. Almost 70,000 people in Baltimore County were forced to throw away hundreds of dollars of spoiled food, charge their cell phones in their cars and shower with cold water. Temperatures climbed up near 100 degrees and left Baltimore residents lining up for hours to get drinking water. It got so hot that the National Weather Service told people… Read more »