Kohler Home Generators Protect Against Mother Nature’s Mood Swings

Who Knows When The Next Big Storm Will Hit. Are You Ready?

Remember the derecho? The storm that left more than 2 million people on the east coast without power in late June of 2012? We do. Hundreds of thousands of Maryland residents were left without power…some for more than a week. Almost 70,000 people in Baltimore County were forced to throw away hundreds of dollars of spoiled food, charge their cell phones in their cars and shower with cold water. Temperatures climbed up near 100 degrees and left Baltimore residents lining up for hours to get drinking water. It got so hot that the National Weather Service told people to drink plenty of fluids and to stay in air conditioned rooms away from direct sunlight. But what if you didn’t have power? If you were lucky, maybe you had family close by whose power had been restored. If you were unlucky, you were forced to wait it out.

If the past few years are any indication, the weather has been getting more and more volatile. There isn’t much that you can do to affect Mother Nature’s mood swings but you can prepare. Why not invest in the generator that the National Weather Service trusts to keep their remote stations operating during power outages? The same home generators that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration use and trust. The answer to Mother Nature’s mood swings…KOHLER home generators.

Why KOHLER Home Generators?

You’ll never need an extension chord. You’ll never have to refuel it. KOHLER generators are easy to maintain – you’ll just need to change the oil occasionally. They’re durable…built with commercial engines – think heavy-duty construction equipment. They’re available with indoor/outdoor enclosures that are either corrosion-resistant or corrosion-proof(14 and 20kW models). They protect your electronics from power surges and start automatically in as little as 10 seconds. They even won the 2011 Architectural Record “Top Pick” .

How Do They Work?

KOHLER stationary home generators work a little bit differently than portable generators. KOHLER generators start and stop automatically. Here’s how…

  • KOHLER generators have an automatic transfer switch that continuously monitors electricity coming from the utility into your home.
  • When your power fails – or even drops below an appropriate level – your KOHLER generator automatically switches on. The automatic transfer switch moves power from the utility to your stationary generator. Restoring your power in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Your generator continues to supply your home with power until the utilities are restored.
  • Once the power is restored, the transfer switch shifts power back to the utility from the generator.
  • Then your generator powers down automatically – waiting for the next power outage.

The best part is that your KOHLER generator will perform quiet weekly exercises while things are good. Testing its own readiness with weekly complete systems diagnostics. Our KOHLER generators are available in a variety of sizes and can fit your family’s unique needs. We’ve recently become an authorized KOHLER dealer in Maryland and would be happy to provide you with a free generator home analysis. Call us at 410-557-0555 or stop by our Bel Air or new Havre de Grace showrooms to learn more.