American Sentry Siding Replacement

At .055’’ thick, American Sentry Siding Systems are one of the thickest, strongest, vinyl sidings on the market today — a new generation of quality. So when you choose American Design and Build for siding replacement for your home, choose a classic. The instant you touch a piece of American Sentry vinyl siding, you can feel the strength and quality that makes it stand out. Our siding replacement prevents the effects of weather-related expansion and contraction – keeping your home beautiful and protected for longer.
insulated siding replacement

Insulated Siding Replacement

Is a complete exterior wall system. Insulated siding’s custom contoured foam delivers continuous coverage that drastically reduces summer and winter energy loss.

The result: Maximum energy savings

Siding Replacement Features

Energy Efficiency

An American Sentry Siding replacement gives you maximum energy savings. It’s insulation saves you money and energy all year long, no matter what mother nature brings. It’s also designed to block neighborhood noise and shield the outside elements to keep your home comfortable and safe.


One of the strongest on the market, able  to handle 300% more impact than traditional siding. It creates a protective blanket around your home that withstands winds as high as 215 mph, insect damage and is breathable to protect from rot, mold and mildew.
Manny different siding replacement styles


With many color, texture and style options, your siding will be just the way you like it and you’ll never have to paint again! Designed to look and feel like solid wood, American Sentry delivers on structural integrity, maintenance and beauty.

American Sentry Gutter Systems

Protect Your Home

Installing quality gutters on our home helps funnel water away from your home, which keeps water away from your foundation and basement and prevents erosion.

Reduce Water Runoff

Gutters help keep you and your guests dry as they enter and leave your home by preventing water run-off from your roof. They can also prevent mud and dirt from splashing up onto the side of your home.

Seamless Installation

The American Design and Build team is experienced and knowledgeable about proper gutter installation. Correct gutter installation is crucial — as they should always be securely fastened, prevent standing water or leaking, and pipe the water from the downspout at a far enough distance from your home.