Spring Window, Door, and Roofing Tips For Your Home

After a long, dark, snowy winter, it is inevitable that everyone is ready for spring’s bright sun and warm breezes.  Even though spring can easily be compared to a breath of fresh air, the only downside is that certain areas of your home may need maintenance.  There is potential that there is an increased possibility that certain areas of your home could have been damaged due to the harsh conditions of the winter months.  In addition, the bright sunshine of the spring and upcoming summer months could negatively impact any preexisting damage of certain areas of your home.

Thoroughly Examine The Shingles On Your Roof

When examining your home for any damage from the wintry weather, your roof is one of the first areas you may want to inspect.  First and foremost, shingles could have been lost during heavy winds because of substantial wind gusts.  The good news is that your shingles can be replaced!  With a variety of shingles to choose from at American Design and Build, you will surely be able to choose the best shingles to match the design of your home.  To make sure that there is not any continuous damage due to weather conditions, it is important to keep in mind that the heat intensity of the summer sun can also leave your shingles cracked or buckled.


Examine Your Windows and Doors For Damage

As the weather transfers from winter to spring, it is also important to inspect your windows.  With the cold winds, freezing rain, and snow from the winter, there is a good possibility that there could be damage in regards to the trim around your doors.  You will want to make sure that there is not any existing damage to the trim around your doors, windows, or railings. With this being said, you want to make sure that there is not any preexisting damage from the winter weather because spring rain can do even more damage to the exposed and non exposed wood.

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The professional experts here at American Design and Build are available to assist you with any damage that may have occurred during the harsh months of winter.  These replacements may include, but are not limited to:
– roofing, doors, siding, trim, windows, and more.

We want to make sure that your home is in perfect condition to endure the sunny days that lay ahead of us!  Please click below to schedule your appointment for a FREE no obligation, in home estimate from American Design and Build.

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